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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 5

Rebellion on Planet Beast

The Cybertron Headmasters, flying around in Fortress' ship in space, pick up a couple creatures wearing exo-suits who are badly injured. They take them inside and work on them, while hearing their story. They aliens reveal that they are from the planet Beast, a planet where the inhabitants resemble humanoid animals. Their planet has come under attack from the Destrons, who are enslaving their people, and they were barely able to escape with their lives. They request the help of the Cybertrons in removing the Destrons from their home. While the Cybertron Headmasters plan their strategy, Wheelie and Daniel befriend a small Battle Beast, who leads them to the enemy's base, where they both get captured. Rodimus Convoy, having heard of the situation, arrives with the Trainbots and the Monsterbots. The Cybertron Headmasters try to save Daniel and Wheelie, but are confronted by the Destron Headmasters. Rodimus squares off against Galvatron, with Cyclonus lending an unwilling hand. Inside the

Jul. 30, 1987