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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 8

Terror of the Six Shadows

At the Cybertron base, the transmission of a rock concert is interrupted by shadowy figure who threatens to destroy cities unless his demands are met. In New York, the Headmasters collect the transmission and find that it is a different figure who made the threat there. In all, there are six different figures making the same threats in six different locations. In the forests of Great Britain, a ferocious winged wolf attacks; the Headmasters and Metroplex head there to investigate, but are too late. In another city, a laser gun flies around, destroying many buildings, but once again the Headmasters are too late. Daniel returns from gift-shopping with the Trainbots, causing the Headmasters to yell at the Trainbots for not helping. Daniel gets upset, as he had asked the Trainbots to help him pick out a present for his father, and rushes out of the room. The Headmasters then apologize and see Daniel playing with a ninja star. Chromedome recalls a time when his best friend was killed by a n

Sep. 03, 1987