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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 22

Head Formation of Friendship

The Cybertron Headmasters continue their search for the Destrons, but are forced to put the hunt on hold by a sudden alarm, indicating a problem with Fortress Maximus' guns. Meanwhile the Destrons head toward Galvatron's latest target, the planet Paradise, a non-technological world where the inhabitants still live in huts. As Brainstorm continues to decipher the information on the chip given to him by the Battle Beast and the other Cybertrons work on repairing Fortress Maximus, Highbrow takes the Trainbots to visit the planet Paradise. Once there he meet a native girl, Papika, and her giant eagle. She tells him about how the Destrons are attacking the planet. Before the other Cybertrons arrive on the planet, Highbrow makes his way toward the Destron camp, where he is promptly captured by the Destron Headmasters. Steeljaw witnesses this and informs the rest of the team, but before they can help the Destrons attack from within the surrounding forest. As the Cybertrons battle the Destro

Dec. 18, 1987