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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 10

Seibertron is in Grave Danger (2)

The Predacons are confronted by the Trainbots as Guardian knocks out Bruticus. The Cybertrons continue to plan a way to stop Galvatron from getting his hands on the new compound as Chromedome spots Weirdwolf and Wipe. He notices that they've been heading deep into Seibertron and tries to figure out what they are up to, sending out a telepathic message to the other Headmasters. They arrive, attacking Weirdwolf and Skull, as Chromedome heads underground to stop Wipe. On the surface, the battle still rages on, destroying more and more of the planet. Wipe manages to find Vector Sigma's chamber and he sets the bombs in it, just as Chromedome arrives. The Cybertrons cannot remove the bomb, so they flee the planet after some long, hard farewells. Galvatron arrives in Vector Sigma's chamber just as the bombs go off and is caught in the explosion. Rodimus, Cha and Blurr then depart in search of a new home for the Cybertrons, leaving Fortress in charge.

Sep. 11, 1987