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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 4

Operation: Cassette

The Destrons manage to put Soundwave back together after his struggle with Blaster and rename him Soundblaster. Back on Earth, Sixshot sends Dinosaurer heading toward an energy plant in his battle station mode, but Metroplex moves in to intercept him. They battle when a strange creature suddenly appears from out of the ground and incapacitates Metroplex with a blast. Ultra Magnus reports this to Rodimus Convoy back on Seibertron and he prepares to send out the Cyberton Cassettes, still upset about Blaster's destruction, to figure out what's the matter. Rodimus Prime announces that the Cybertrons have been working on repairing Blaster, who is reborn as Twincast. With the reunion over, Twincast and the Cybertron Cassettes head to Earth. As Superion and the Cybertron Triple Changers battle Bruticus and the Destron Triple Changers, Twincast and the Cybertron Cassettes sneak into Dinosaurer and defeat the Destron Cassettes. The Destron Headmasters take the creature with them to Seiertron a

Jul. 23, 1987