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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 27

The Miracle Warriors- The Targetmasters (1)

After the defeat, the Destrons depart Earth, heading into deep space, but the Cybertrons realize that there are still some remnants of bombs around. The Cybertron Headmasters are deployed in pairs to disarm them, while the cassettes continue their investigation. Fortress sends out Spike, Daniel, Wheelie and Arcee to head the reconstruction project for earth. Chromedome and Hardhead discover five bombs, accidentally setting off one. Suddenly, three friends of Wheelie arrive on earth - Pointblank, Sureshot and Crosshairs - to meet with the Cybertron commander. Chromedome and Hardhead continue to make their way out, carrying the bombs, when they are confronted by an avalanche. Fortunately, they are rescued by the others and transport the bombs into outer space to defuse out there. Pointblank, Sureshot and Crosshairs volunteer to take the bombs out, slightly insulting the Headmasters. Spike orders Guardian, Computicon and Raiden to destroy the old Destron base back on Earth. Just as the

Feb. 12, 1988