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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 30

The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide

The Cybertrons can find no trace of the Destrons on Master after the loss of the disk. The Destrons have headed toward an asteroid belt, where they plan their next course of action. They decide to head back toward Master to begin production of the Zarak shield. The Targetmasters spot Soundblaster spying on them with Ratbat and follow them back to the planet's surface.They then fall into an ambush by the Destron Targetmasters. The Destrons blast the side of a mountain, uncovering a water storage tower which sweeps the Cybertrons away. Underground, the other Destrons are busy at work completing the Zarak shield. Pointblank and the Targetmasters make their way to the Destron underground base. As the Cybertron Headmasters move out to find the Destron base, Weirdwolf plants a bomb on Fortress' battle cruiser. Daniel and Wheelie spot Weirdwolf knocking on the walls and engage in a crossfire until Fortress arrives. Pointblank sends the three Cybertron Targetmasters up to Megazarak to find

Mar. 04, 1988