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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 29

The Master Sword is in Danger

The Destrons have holed up underneath the planet where they start the production of their new metal, called ""G Metal"" which has proved to be nearly invulnerable. Scorponok plans to use this metal to strengthen Megazarak's design, but he realizes that he still cannot hold up to Fortress Maximus' Master Sword. The Destrons hatch a plan to uncover the secrets of the Master Sword as they capture Wheelie, pulling him underground. Sixshot then demands the secrets of the Master Sword from Fortress in exchange for Wheelie's freedom. The Cybertrons discuss their options as Pointblank believes that if Fortress gives up the secrets, Scorponok will be able to destroy Fortress Maximus, while Daniel fears losing his friend. Much to Pointblank's chagrin, Fortress agrees to give Scorponok the secrets to the Master Sword, while Chromedome and Daniel decide to invade Megazarak to free Wheelie. Fortress meets with Sixshot to give him the secrets, while Wheelie is informed of a timer that will go off soon

Feb. 26, 1988