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Transformers: The Headmasters Season 1 Episode 33

Duel on the Asteroid

Daniel is still a little despondent over Sixshot's departure, after what they went through on Diamond. Scorponok heads toward an asteroid between Jupiter and Earth (Mars was destroyed) to set up his operations there. Sixshot shows up there after his ordeal on Diamond as the Cybertron Targetmasters come under attack. The Headmasters take the Trainbots to give the Targetmasters some reinforcements. Suddenly, Sixshot appears and challenges Chromedome to a one-on-one duel. Chromedome recalls Sixshot killing Ultra Magnus while he talks with Pointblank, and he goes to meet Sixshot. Daniel finds out about the challenge and begs Chromedome not to go through with it but to no avail. Wheelie discovers Daniel putting on an exo-suit, as he is planning to stop the duel. Fortress sends out Pointblank to stop the duel and to bring back Daniel. The battle is just starting as Daniel arrives and he proves to be a distraction to both sides, behind landing directly between the two combatants. Scorponok st

Mar. 25, 1988