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Charge! Men's Private School Season 1 Episode 33

Friendship and Victory! Those Who Were Left After the Great Trembling Conquest of the United Eight..

Jaki is still not dead, but mortally wounded. He concedes defeat to Momotaro and plunges his hand into his own body to retrieve the key to free the First Years. The Third Years are about to plunge to their deaths, but Momotaro coughs up the key to their cage so that they can also be freed. He says there are no longer First Years and Third Years, just Otokojuku students. With the death of all of the Third Year contestants, the First Years are declared winners, however Momotaro and the other students feel that it was a waste of human life and blood. In response Principal Edajima just repeats his mantra" I am the Principal of Otokojuku, Edajima Heihachi!". Hien, Gekkou and Raiden appear from the shadows, healed by the skill and Chinese medicine of Head Priest Wan Ta-Ren. Togashi can finally farewell his brother after learning of his fate, and avenging his death.

Nov. 07, 1988