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Charge! Men's Private School Season 1 Episode 32

The Final Battle! First-Years vs Third-Years! They're the Ones Who Will Die!

The final round, Battle of Crooked Balances, is to be fought on the summit of Mt. Tengatutou. Each group of students is put into a cage suspended above the valley, and the keys are swallowed by the opposing combatants Momotaro and Jaki. To free their friends, the victor will have to remove the key from the loser's body before the cage fallsinto the valley. Jaki attacks with his Deadly Wind Wave but Momotaro is evasive, reserving his energy and gathering his Ki. Momotaro focuses his Ki into his headband making a Stiff Cloth Fist Breaker, repelling Jaki's attack. As The battle wears on, Momotaro exhausts his Ki and is worn down by Jaki's attacks using his Spinning Weight Wire. Eventually Momotaro manages to catch the spinning weight, and throws it into the sky where it is struck by lightning which electrocutes Jaki.

Oct. 31, 1988