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Charge! Men's Private School Season 1 Episode 30

Hien's Agony! The Steel Yogo Mercilessly Attacks the Handsome Man

The Otokojuku group reaches the statue of the Dragon War God, but only the six warriors to fight in the Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight contest can proceed further. They reach the Ladder and Basin of the Dragon where Togashi's brother perished 3 years earlier. Only two combatants can fight at a time on the weak timber ladder bridge suspended above a basin of nitrous sulphuric acid. Togashi and Hien face Dokugantetsu and Senku. It is Hien and his Birdman Fist vs Dokugantetsu and his spinning blade disc. Dokugantetsu gets the upper hand, but when he is about to finish Hien Togashi gives him moral support via a Battle Blood Reinforcement and Hien rallies to keep fighting. Even when it appears that he has lost, Hien turns the tables and leaves Dokugantetsu suspended by a rope above the acid. Without pity, Senku cuts the rope and sends Dokugantetsu into the acid basin. Rather than switch out with Togashi, Hien stays on the wooden bridge and confronts Senku.

Oct. 17, 1988