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Charge! Men's Private School Season 1 Episode 31

Round Four Has Begun! Finally Daigouin Jaki Takes the Stage!

Senku attacks Hien with his Thousand-Streak Mounted Wire Fist technique, using fine, flesh-cutting wires. Hien battles valiantly, and risks everything in a final attack in which he is fatally wounded, but also inflicts a heavy wound on Senku, giving Togashi an advantage. Meanwhile Tazawa and Matsuo are found alive by Principal Edajima who fills them in on the battle so far. Togashi's Brawling Fighter Style defeated Senku but left him in a critical condition. Round 3 was Rasetsu and Baron Deino vs Toramaru and Gekku. Gekku switched out with Date, and the battle was carried out at the Six Blazing Polar Stars. Date easily defeated Deino but Rasetsu was stronger, and Toramaru sacrificed himself to save Date. Toramaru was heavily wounded, but burning with rage, Date defeated Rasetsu. Then Momotaro and Gekkou faced Jaki and Eikei. Gekkou saw through Eikei's attacks, but was eventually mortally wounded by him. Eikei was then challenged by Momotaro who mortally wounded him with his own poisoned hand but who was then killed by Jaki. Before Jaki and Momotaro can commence to fight, Principal Edajima decrees that the contest will be held in the Battle of Crooked Balances.

Oct. 24, 1988