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Charge! Men's Private School Season 1 Episode 14

Friend or Foe? The Man of the Steel Mach Punch Arrives: His Name is J

The second bout of the Picaresque Boxing Match of Japanese and American students is between Keith Jackson and Gokukoji Hidemaro. Meanwhile another SPA student arrives and is challenged by the Second Year student Akashi. Going by the name of J, he shatters Akashi's unbreakable sword with his magnum steel knuckles, and continues to the boxing stadium. Tazawa coaches Hidemaro but the strategy fails completely and Hidemaro is knocked out of the ring. The score is one win each. Momotaro next enters the ring and is challenged by J. J fells Momotaro with a super fast punch which Momotaro doesn't see. Momotaro then blindfolds himself to use his Mind's Eye to fight. Unfortunately Momotaro is unpracticed in the technique and is not really blind and takes a beating. Akashi cuts Momotaro's eyelids so he really cannot see, and he rejoins the fight. Now blinded, Momotaro's Mind's Eye is opened, and he beats J. Principal Edajima's strategy worked. Following the match, the Americans and Japanese share a bond of friendship, and J decides to stay at the Otokojuku.

Jun. 06, 1988