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Charge! Men's Private School Season 1 Episode 21

The Final Battle: Momo vs. Date: The Countdown to Death Has Begun

In the final of the Four Great Trials of Terror, Momotaro faces Date. Principal Edajima arrives at the temple where he reveals that he's the legendary fighter who survived the Four Great Trials of Terror 40 years ago. He brings with him the giant 300kg Unraisable Flag of Otokojuku. Hidemaro volunteers to lift it for Momotaro. Momotaro and Date push their steel balls to the summit to Mt. Fuji for the final contest, The Great Erupting Summit on the Battlefield of Heavenly Cords – asbestos ropes strung across the crater of Mt. Fuj and set alight at the edges. The fight commences, with Momotaro's sword against Date's flexible spear. While Hidemaro struggles to lift the giant flag, Principal Edajima explains why Date was expelled. 3 years ago he accepted a new bullying instructor's challenge to fight to the death and killed him. Hidemaro lifts the flag and the students begin the Great Chime Yell of support Momotaro. After a long fight on the Battlefield of Heavenly Cords, Date manages to impale Momotaro on the sharp horns of his helmet, from which escape is virtually impossible.

Aug. 01, 1988