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Charge! Men's Private School Season 1 Episode 18

Battle in the Sulfur Spring of Tears. The Last of J. This is the Spirit of the Yanks

The Otokojuku group arrive at the Temple of Hell's Treasure at the foot of Mt. Fuji with the four representatives wearing traditional white uniforms. The trial will be in the hands of the temple monks. The eight combatants enter tunnels which lead up Mt. Fuji from where they are guided by giant monks. Each team of four are shackled to a giant steel ball which they must push up the mountain. At four locations on the way, one representative from each team will be unshackled to fight to the death. Their fates will be reflected in eight candles burning at the temple below. J and Raiden are the first to fight at the site of 1,000 degree deadly sulphur springs. Raiden gets the upper hand by attacking and retreating with sharp blades in his shoes until J traps him and delivers his final Mach Punch before they both perish in the sulphur springs. Their two candles are extinguished.

Jul. 04, 1988