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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 9

Chase After Me, Godai. Kyoko's Lone Trip

Kyoko gets a letter from Mitaka about how he's ashamed at what happened in his apartment. He vows never to see her until he confronts and overcomes the source of his problems (namely his dog phobia). Now Kyoko seems to have been rejected by both the men in her life and is alone again. Since she seems depressed, Ichinose suggests she go on a trip to forget her troubles. Kyoko decides to do it, but Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya keep butting in and trying to plan her vacation for her. Kyoko begins to suspect that they plan to tag along. Meanwhile at college Godai discusses with Sakamoto what happened last night. He's confused that Kyoko cried over his rejection, even though she seemed to be with Mitaka now. Sakamoto comes to the conclusion that Kyoko cried because she loves Godai. Realizing he could be right Godai hurries back home to talk to Kyoko and clear things up. He gets back too late as Kyoko has already gone and left a schedule on her door of where she'll be going. Godai grabs the s

Jun. 10, 1987