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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 11

Yagami's Back by the Time She's Forgotten

It's been many months since Yagami last saw Godai. Still she hasn't forgotten about him. She feels like seeing him again and locates him working at the day care. Godai however doesn't seem to happy to see her. Yagami apologizes and runs away, but Godai feels guilty and invites for a treat. Yagami had noticed the ad Godai posted to tutor young students. She suggests he use her since she'll need to study for upcoming entrance exams. Godai tells her that he is only looking to tutor younger kids and that she should forget about him. He walks away, but forgot his wallet and has to get Yagami to pay. Yagami can't think of any excuse to see Godai again, but gets an idea and asks her friend to borrow her little brother. Godai gets an offer over the phone to tutor a student, and sets the meeting for the next day. The following evening Yagami comes to their door with a little smart looking kid named Toru who turns out to be her friend's brother. They say they're here to meet about the tutoring.

Jun. 24, 1987