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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 5

The Princess Cometh! Mitaka is Her Prince Charming

This episode introduces Asuna Kujo, daughter of an ex-noble family who are business partners with Mitaka's uncle. Mitaka meets with Asuna and her family for the omiai. Mitaka seems to like her, although is surprised to see such a meek and old-fashioned girl in this day and age. Asuna wants him to meet her ""brothers and sisters"" and so she goes to fetch them. The siblings she was referring to turn out to be her dogs. Apparently Asuna is an avid dog lover with six dogs of her own. Mitaka having a dog phobia, doesn't react well and goes into a seizure. He definitely decides to cancel the arranged marriage. He tells Kyoko that he's canceling for her sake. Around the same time Kozue calls up Godai and comes to visit. She offers Godai a part time job at a day care that opened up after her friend decided to leave. Godai seems happy to take it. Meanwhile Asuna's parents talk discuss Mitaka's sudden strange behavior during the omiai. They wonder if they should call it off, but Asuna has decided

May. 06, 1987