Madou King Granzort

Madou King Granzort

Apr. 07, 1989
Duration: N/A/episode
Rated: N/A
Status: Ended

Seasons and episodes

1Season 1Apr. 07, 1989


Oji Hiroi



In the future, the moon is a habitable place with atmosphere and gravity and also a famous tourist attraction. There are also stories about a "long ears" creature like rabbits on the moon who can use magic. Haruka Daichi heads off to the moon during a summer holiday alone because he likes to see the long ears creature by himself. However, he get himself dragged into an ancient conflict between two ancient moon races: the "long ears" race and Jado race. Jado race wanted to conquer the universe and resurrect ancient evil powers to seize control of the Earth. Now the "long ears" race and Daichi must seek three warriors who could use magic to release Mado King to fight Jado race and to release "long ears" races kingdom, Rabiluna, from Jado race.

Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
Madou King Granzort
Original title魔動王グランゾート
First air dateApr. 07, 1989
Last air dateJan. 12, 1990
IMDb Rating8.1114 votes
TMDb Rating8.65 votes

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