Hoshi no Samidare

Hoshi no Samidare

Jul. 09, 2022
Duration: N/A/episode
Rated: N/A
Status: Ended

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Junya Enoki
Yuuhi Amamiya (voice)
Naomi Ozora
Samidare Asahina (voice)
Kenjiro Tsuda
Noi Crezant (voice)
Azusa Tadokoro
Hisame Asahina (voice)


One day, college student Yuuhi Amamiya is approached by talking lizard Sir Noi Crezant. Crezant immediately launches into a fantastical story: the powerful mage Animus intends to destroy the earth with his biscuit hammer, a huge contraption looming high in earths orbit. Earths only hope lies with the princess and her Beast Knights, whose task is to protect the princess and defeat Animus. Yuuhi is chosen as the Lizard Beast Knight, and despite his misgivings, is quickly forced to defend himself from a golem created by the mage. He is saved by his neighbor, the princess Asahina Samidare, and swears loyalty to her. However, the princess does not intend to save the earth at all. She lets Yuuhi in on her real motivations: to prevent Animus from destroying the earth, only to then annihilate the planet by her own hand. The pair continue to fight off attacks by Animuss golems while the remaining Beast Knights are slowly being gathered and learning to use their powers. But Yuuhi will have to decide for himself whether to go along with Asahinas plans, whom he is getting close to, or to save the earth. In the process, he must also confront his true self, and determine where his loyalties truly lie.

Hoshi no Samidare
Original title惑星のさみだれ
First air dateJul. 09, 2022
Last air dateDec. 24, 2022
IMDb Rating5.4191 votes
TMDb Rating5.613 votes

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