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Maison Ikkoku Season 2 Episode 8

Overpowered by Love! The Grandma Yukari Gold Tooth Gauntlet!

Godai wakes up to rustling noise in his room, when he demands Yotsuya stop it, he opens his eyes to see his Grandmother. To his surprise, he was supposed to pick her up, but totally forgot. She wastes no time in scolding him, and embarassing him in front of Kyoko. When she learns from the Manager that Godai has a girlfriend, she insists upon meeting her. Godai takes her to meet Kozue the next day, and they all make a nice day out of it. Grandma pressures him into asking Kozue to marry, much to Godai's horror, but he gets out of it. When they arrive back at Maison Ikkoku, she demands that Godai choose between Kozue or Kyoko. Godai refuses to discuss it with her, until the other tenants arrive and begin to party. The next day, Grandma Yukari learns about Kyoko's friendship with Mitaka and insists upon meeting him. And so, Yukari attends Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose's regular tennis class and meets Shun. At first he thinks she must be Kyoko's grandmother, and quickly realizes his charms have n

Nov. 12, 1986