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Maison Ikkoku Season 1 Episode 23

Kyoko's Brush with Danger! Mother's Nefarious Plot

The tenants are shocked as Kyoko's mother tells them that Kyoko will no longer be the Manager of Maison Ikkoku. As soon as she walks out the door the movers rush in to pack up her room. Mrs. Ichinose goes into a rage after Yotsuya mentions that the previous manager also left this way. She doesn't believe that Kyoko could be anything like him, and that she always thought they were like an extended family. She continues screaming about how betrayed she feels when Godai collapses to the floor and begins crying uncontrollably. Ichinose hauls Godai down to ChaChaMaru so they can get drunk and tell Akemi what happened. Yotsuya stays behind in Kyoko's room to reflect on the recent events. A few minutes later, Kyoko arrives, running late from grocery shopping and is shocked to find her room completely empty and Yotsuya standing in the middle. Yotsuya tells her that her mother came and quit for her, then had her furniture moved to their house. Kyoko becomes furious and rushes to find her mother

Aug. 27, 1986